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The story behind the
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When I was a freshman in college, I had no idea how to interview, get an internship and succeed. I applied to countless internship opportunities online, at career fairs, and gave my resume to whoever would take it. But I wasn't successful, rejection after rejection. Dreading the reality that going back home to Seattle might become a reality for me during the summer, I knew I had to hustle. I seeked advice from elders, learned from successful friends who already had internships, and read all the resources I could.

During many sleepless nights and weekends, while everyone else was out partying and hanging out, I was scientifically testing out and apply a framework to get interviews and get that offer. With all this knowledge, that later became the groundwork for the Tech Intern Blueprint, I was able to succeed, getting multiple internship offers as a freshman and was able to recreate my success with friends and fellow colleagues that I mentored through my process.

Since applying the framework that then became known as the Tech Intern Blueprint, I have received 200+ interviews and over 30+ offers from companies such as NASA and Microsoft as well as many other large technology companies. By providing mentorship and knowledge, I have helped to recreate similar results with over 20+ colleagues and friends. Now it is your turn to take on the best companies in the world, make yourself as competitive as you can be, and achieve success that you never even dreamed of!

What do people say about Ray and the Tech Intern Blueprint?

"Ray and the Tech Intern Blueprint really helped me do so much more than I could have ever!" -Josh S. from Washington

"I am so glad that you wrote this book! It will absolutely be of value to me, I can't think of a book that would help me more." -Raghav S. from Colorado

"Easy to read, with all paths clearly laid out" -Alex P. from New York

About the Author

Ray is an internship veteran, with six different internships, and has had 200+ interviews and 30+ offers during his time in university. He has worked in a variety of different industries, such as management consulting, venture capital, pharmaceuticals and aerospace at companies such as NASA, Booz Allen, Orbital ATK and Microsoft.

Headshot of Ray Parker

Through trial and error, he learned the best techniques to get where you want to be and succeed.

Ray is from Mill Creek, WA. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in chemical engineering and Smartly, an online MBA program. He currently works at Dragonchain.

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Ray has had 200+ interviews and 30+ internship and full-time offers during his time in university. Over the course of the last five years, he has refined the craft of putting together the materials, finding and applying, interviewing and ultimately, getting the internship offer.

Work with Ray to get the internship and full-time job of your dreams. Using the Tech Intern Blueprint, Ray will help guide you through the path to success and beyond! Prices at calculated on a cost-by-cost basis. Feel free to ask questions at